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franky_boy_11 04-26-2005 04:03 PM

Yahoo Games
Hi, I've been a backgammon player for years and years. The problem is that the amount of cheating players has increased astronomically the latest month. Also, the Yahoo bg system itself fails completely. It's obvious that the Yahoo Games Section is intirely in hands by hackers, cheaters and cheat software specialists. And there is simply nothing that Yahoo can do about it, for they have no longer any control over this themselves.
This way, I have only ONE SINGLE request to Yahoo : Please erase everything of my givens ( nickname, entry code, ratings, ... ) that heve ever been on the Yahoo Games Section ever. I do not want to have anything to do with Yahoo Games any longer. I want these to be removed for ever and ever. It's frustrating to be cheated hours a day, it's so not worth it any longer. Worse of all is, that any single player, with no knowledge or special software, is able to lay down the entire system ... how safe can a site actually be ? So, to Yahoo : please erase all of my givens, out of the Yahoo Games Section ... I know your intentions years ago were perfect, but now it's so nothing anymore ...

orpdude 12-02-2005 11:58 PM

Yahoo Backgammon.
I have to agree with you..... I have persevered with yahoo backgammon but it is clear that the incidence of cheating or pure malicious play in Yahoo Backgammon rooms is now so high as to make it not worth playing.
Typical things going on.
Dice programmes used to control scores both sides.
Stalling to annoy
Sexy names to attract players, 98% chance of being a cheat
Bots operating in all rooms timed sometimes to move every 3 or 4 minutes only
Newly constructed Id's looking like innocents but controlling the dice.
They sit in rooms in great numbers offering 101 games and if you play they will stall or will almost be certainly dice controllers.
Points switching...... 1 to 101 between you entering the room and sitting down.
More sophisticated hacking..... starting a second game before you can quit and before you press the start button
Also seen hackers assuming the identity of other people and had my pc bombarded with data to get me booted. Upon my return the game had been forfeited.
Some people look like they are playing two games in yahoo to give the impression they dont have time to cheat but are just sitting in another room with a dormant id.
If they talk to you outside the room on the IM they are almost certainly playing multiple rooms. Sen some in up to 10 rooms stalling it all of them

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