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Bank of America Customer Service

Over my short lifetime (just about 35 years now), I have seen banks like Bank of America undergo some major transformations. I must say, I don't envy most large companies in the United States today, especially banks. But, something has to be done about the lack of customer service and the abilities of the customer service personnel at places like Bank of America. I don't want to sound like my father, but back in the old days, banks would really go out of their way to keep your business. Today, in the age of corporate everything, banks are struggling to compete with the high technology financial institutions and instant gratification requirements in the internet age.

Bank of America used to be a great bank and I banked there for years, but that changed about five years ago after a series of customer service "mishaps" that I decided were enough to warrant a change. UPDATE: We have received many people's personal stories and requests for help with Bank of America customer service (not sure why). So, we decided to add a Bank of America customer service forum to our support forums so that people like you can share their stories and help other people seeking assistance.

Customer Service Definition

Dealing with customer service people makes me wonder sometimes if there is a true definition of customer service. I think that it must be different depending on where you work. Maybe it has to do with the day of the week, as there does not appear to be much consistency from company to company or customer service department to customer service department. I really wish I knew the answer because I am sure the anger that I have experienced over the years has taken at least one day off of my life.

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