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Yahoo! Customer Service Phone Number

They should have an award to see who can find a place on the Yahoo website for the customer service telephone number in the least amount of time. I have personally spent at least an hour of my own time looking for it, and I have not been able to do it. So, this is where the power of the internet can really pay off. We have heard from hundreds of people who have shared the same frustration we have when trying to find the Yahoo customer service number since we posted this page. So, we decided to add a forum so that people can share information and stories about Yahoo customer service and the ever elusive phone number. Our new Yahoo customer service forums are a place for you to talk to other people who may be able to help....when Yahoo! doesn't seem to want to.

My own frustration came when I could not get a hold of a real person to cancel an old Yahoo Store account. It had been some time and I had forgotten the store name that Yahoo was using. Needless to say, I became a bit angry. I called the credit card company to cancel the charges as I could not get into the customer service queue without the store name. It was really fun. Hopefully, we can help each other to avoid this frustration in the future.

Bellsouth Customer Service

You ever deal with Bellsouth's customer service? One of our ex-employees had to let us know about an experience she recently had with the customer service people at Bell South. Let's just say that they were really not interested in helping Rochelle out when she tried to find out when her new service would be working....after they did not show up when they said they were going to. Hmmm, maybe Bellsouth is not aware that VOIP technology from people like Vonage can provide at half the cost these days. If you have something you would like to share with others, or just feel like telling your story about Bellsouth, you can do so in our new Bellsouth customer service fourms.

Latest Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number News

CES 2006: Motorla Announces New Cell Enabled iRadio - MPH Online


CES 2006: Motorla Announces New Cell Enabled iRadio Source: Motorola What They Say: "Motorola iRadio is truly a revolution in digital radio — offering more choice, higher audio quality than satellite radio, and features that allow listeners to identify and purchase the music they like" What It Means: Terrific idea, 17 different punk stations, but you can only take six with you? Let's hear how much before we jump for joy. Full Release: LAS VEGAS— 3 Jan. 2006 — Motorola, Inc (NYSE: MOT) revolutionizes radio with the public introduction of the award-winning Motorola iRadio®, a subscription music service that seamlessly moves from home, to car stereo, to wireless headphones -- powered from the one device you're never without: your mobile phone. Motorola iRadio is initially launching with 435 commercial-free radio channels, already one of the widest selections of subscription music entertainment available. The service's unique delivery platform enables it to bring content portability together with acquisition and discovery of music. This creates a powerful new medium for artists and labels to directly connect with fans, and for wireless service providers to deepen relationships with subscribers. "Motorola iRadio is truly a revolution in digital radio — offering more choice, higher audio - more available

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company Crews Work Around the Clock to ... - Yahoo! News (press release)


In total, since the storms began Friday night, more than 1.4 million of PG&E's 5 million customers have been affected by power outages. [Note: That number is a cumulative total of all outages: it includes customers who have been affected by more than one outage -- in those cases, each time a customer loses power in successive storms, they are counted again.] More than 22,000 customers -- the majority being in the Humboldt area -- have faced power outages that have lasted 24 hours or longer. Because of flooding, mudslides, and other hazards, PG&E crews still have no access to the damaged equipment affecting at least 5,000 of those customers.

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VoIP marketing specialist TMONE takes over MCI call center - I-Newswire.com (press release)


Home > VoIP marketing specialist TMONE takes over MCI call center Iowa direct marketing firm TMONE takes over MCI’s Iowa City, IA contact center to tap University of Iowa talent pool and expand their VoIP marketing reach amidst one of the largest market shifts in US history. The 27,000 square foot state of art facility is designed to acquire up to 50,000 telecom and information service subscribers a month at full capacity, and support millions of customers.

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