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The wild, wacky, tacky --- and tops for 2005 - Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier


ADVERTISEMENT HOW TO ADVERTISE » MARKETPLACE » This year opened our eyes all right --- although we probably wished we had kept them shut:BRAD THE CAD: Maybe he thought they were on a break. That's the only good explanation Brad Pitt could have for breaking poor Jennifer Aniston's heart by hooking up with his "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" vixen, Angelina Jolie. While Brad's perfect rep was blemished by the affair, it was hard to hate on Angelina --- her adopting half the third world and all. Why didn't Elizabeth Taylor think of this tactic when she stole Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds?NOW ON DVD: Just when they were getting to be one of Hollywood's veteran couples with three years' tenure, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey called it quits --- appropriately enough, a few hours before Turkey day. But "Newlyweds" was so over anyway. "Nick and Jessica: Divorce Court" will be much more fun (especially when Jessica's lawyer needs to explain that annoying legal term: A-L-I-M-O-N-Y).CRUISE WOOS KATIE: Even the "mid-life crisis" excuse can't explain Cruise's eye-popping behavior: his couch-jumping "Oprah" antics; the proclamation of love for cutie Katie Holmes and ensuing engagement after two minutes of dating; their suck-face appearances - more available

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