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Old 03-03-2006, 04:09 AM
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Exclamation Anyone Else Pissed at YahooMusicUnlimited Update?

The new update for Yahoo sux. version i believe it is called.

First of all, it was an absolute pain to install the update, and once you did, it created new problems. It thought that i did not have Yahoo Music Unlimited anymore, even though it was still an installed program on my computer, forcing me to try to reinstall the update again. I finally found that i had to Uninstall my original YMU and then reinstall it. There was no prompt that this had to be done, and as it was an "update", i should not have to do this in the first place.

Now that i got it to work, the YMU engine was inexplicibly slow, and sometimes refused to connect to the internet, and believe me, my internet connection is fine.

So let alone the terrible "updating" problems, and the apparent and extraordinarily slow performance, but then it had trouble retrieving my old music, but it did, eventually, this may have been because of the slowness. But anyway, the new interface is butt ugly. It also refuses to get the annoying song counter on the right side out of my way.

Also, when i finally do get to log on to get new music, some music is listed in an unrelated artist or album, making retrieving songs overwhelmingly difficult. When you finally get to your chosen song, it will sometimes refuse to add itself to your profile, even though the little "plus" sign which means that you can add it, is right next to the song.

Also, when i looked up the soundtrack for "Jarhead", i found it, but all the songs were unaddable. But i tracked down the composer for the movie, and found that the same songs that were not available on "Jarhead" were available under artist "Thomas Newman", the composer.

But although i was able to find the songs, in "Thomas Newman's" library, the songs were listed in the wrong album, as opposed to being in the "Jarhead" area where they should be, they were listed under "Meet Joe Black".

So, even though i found this to be extremely weird, i tried to add the songs i wanted. And at first, although it said they were available, they would not add. Eventually they let me, but it was annoying nonetheless.

So, with this new update, YMU is annoying to "update", always incredibly slow, annoying to look at, extremely frustrating to add songs, and downright retarded when trying to find a song.

I had the exact same troubles on my computer, my dads computer, my moms computer and my bro's computer.

This is no fluke, or bug, it is a complete failure by Yahoo, not to mention that i was very content, and very happy with the old 1.1. version.

Thanks yahoo, i had faith, and you had my money, thanks for the utter letdown and total destruction of what was a great online music store.
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Old 03-03-2006, 06:26 PM
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Default Not sure if this is related, but...

All of a sudden YME asks me, a YMU paid customer, to go to a license page to listen to ANY song - even when using LAUNCHCast Radio. There is an entry in their "help" for the matter, ending with "if you are still having trouble, contact "Customer Care". Well, we're on request #3 to them. I've also sent my request to the CorporateSecretary e-mail alias, for what it's worth.

Next stop is forwarding my fourth request to all the analysts posted on their "analysts coverage" page, along with the link to this forum. If we all pound the crap out of the people that in charge of recommending their stock, maybe we'll get a rise out of Yahoo!

I'll post the e-mail addresses of each analyst as I procure them.
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Old 08-22-2006, 05:45 PM
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Default New Music Engine update

Yet another music engine update. I installed it and I cannot run the program AT ALL!!! I am dumping the service. I hate it.

Anyone else?
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