Help Desk & Customer Service Software

  • Supports Multiple Websites
  • Supports Mupltiple Addresses
  • No Software to Install
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Rock Solid Stability
  • Auto-Build KB/FAQ
  • Email Notification
  • Eliminate SPAM
  • Saves Time and Money

STOP getting SPAMed from your website email addresses.

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Got Customer Service Software?

Are you spending too much time replying to the same email questions? Wouldn't you like to have a system that can answer those questions for you automatically? Dealing with hundreds of SPAM emails ever day? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then we have the solutions for you. Please take a minute to read about who we are and what we can do for you... we know it will be worth your time.

Help Desk Solutions

Support Sentry is proud to be able to offer you our suite of help desk software solutions and anti-spam solutions for your web based business. Our WebSupport systems allow you to manage customer service inquiries for multiple websites from the convenience of one window. WebSupport is 100% web based, so there is no software to install, no software for you to update and you manage all of your support requests from one web browser window. The best part is, you can have our system up and running in a matter of minutes.

Have a Question?

Check out the new SupportSentry Forums to ask a question or get technical assistance from one of our staff. Replies usually come within a few minutes during normal business hours M-F. Or, just pop in and say hello!

What is SupportSentry?

Support sentry is a suite of hosted software products for webmasters, website owners and world wide web users. Support Sentry currently offers complete and affordable, web based, WebSupport customer service software for small to large web sites.

Support Sentry also offers a free anti-spam solution for anyone who publishes an email address on the web called Spam Block.

  • WebSupport Help Desk Software

    Our WebSupport customer service software creates a custom contact form for each of your websites (our system supports unlimited websites*) and provides you and/or your staff access to all customer service requests via a web browser interface. A powerful Knowledge base and FAQ responds to customer's emails (if configured to) automatically, saving you time money. Plus, our CAPTCHA response system eliminates virtually 100% of the spam originating from your website. Click this link to learn more about our hosted, online help desk software.
  • WebSupport PRO

    Our WebSupport PRO customer service software includes all of the features of our WebSupport system, but also includes full email handling. This means our system will allow you to configure unlimited email addresses for each website (WebSupport PRO allows you to configure multiple websites at no additional cost) and WebSupport PRO will reply with the correct website information in your email replies. WebSupport PRO allows you to reclaim email addresses lost because of spam with our CAPTCHA response system. Click this link to learn more about our WebSupportPRO help desk software.
  • SpamBlock

    Looking for a free anti-spam solution for email addresses you publish on your websites or in forums? SpamBlock is most likely for you. SpamBlock is a free service that allows you to replace your email addresses with a quick piece of HTML that SpamBlock will generate for each email address you configure. Our CAPTCHA double response technology will then do the rest. Read more about SpamBlock.

See our features page for a comparison chart of features.

Who is SupportSentry?

SupportSentry was developed by two internet entrepreneurs over the past 7 years in an effort to handle all of their customer service requests in one central location. Operating more than 20 ecommerce websites, customer service resquests needed to be handled in a timely, professional manner yet without taking up the entire day. Thus, the idea for SupportSentry was born. After using the WebSupport systems for years and after countless refinements, the SupportSentry team decided to release their baby to the public. We guarantee you will not find a better customer support solution at 5 times the price, or your money back.

Why you should use SupportSentry's solutions

  • Stability

    Our systems have been tested for over 5 years on high volume websites
  • Security

    Our systems are hosted in Verio's network operating centers on rock solid hardware so you don't have to worry about if our system will be accessible.
  • Flexibility

    If you have one website or 20, our WebSupport and SpamBlock solutions will save you time, money and hassles, freeing you up to focus on your business, your family, or just relaxing.
  • Customer Service

    We take pride in our services and we are here to help. If you ever have a question we want to help you. Have an idea on how we can improve our services? Let us know, we are always open for ways we can better serve you.

How do you use our solutions?

All of SupporSentry's solutions are easy to set up and configure in a matter of minutes. Our WebSupport customer service products use a guided setup wizard to get you up and running in no time. SpamBlock uses a similar setup wizard to stop spam from clogging your inbox in seconds flat. Once you get our services setup, configuring the advanced features is easy to complete as well. All of our products have written manuals in addition to the online help systems inside each of our products. But, best of all, if you ever have any questions, we urge to you contact us with any question or problem that may arise. We are always here to help.