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Old 09-14-2005, 02:31 AM
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Default Sprint Dosen't Like Their Customers

I'll be happy to start off this forum.

As far as I'm concerned there is no cell company that can make you 100% happy. But basic customer service is expected.

I recently concluded my contract, something I've been looking forward to since I've had numerouse problems with the service and their typical salesmanship lies. However my girlfriend has sprint as well and the $6 unlimited sprint-sprint saves me a lot.

1st strike - I call up to find out about phones with bluetooth and ask if they will be selling Motorola Razor phones in the near future. I inform her my contract is up and I'm on month to month. If she can put 2 and 2 together she can see I want a new phone and it's a way she can get me into a new contract. Nope she recommends I call Cingular. WHAT? I pay $100+ a month for my massive amount of cell use and have never had a diliquent account in my 2 year contract. But she's more than happy to recommend I switch from sprint.

2nd Strike - Okay the phone service sucks so maybe I'll try a sprint store. I go into a sprint store and there are about 40 customers in the store. 4 sprint employees are behind the counter helping all these customers the majority of which are paying bills. Okay great deffinatly a needed service. However no one is on the floor answering questions about the phones on display or trying to sell new service. There are however 2 security guards one of which decides to pay close attention to me. Note that all the cell phones are locked down. Okay no one wants to sell me a phone today, I'll go home. Half the way back to the subway there is a cingular store. I decide to look at the Razor phone. I take two steps in the front door and I am greeted by a Cingular sales person who is with another cutomer. Nice of him to say Hi. Another few steps and a sales persons comes up to help me. I'm now used to Sprints lack of service so sales people paying attention to me scares me. I see the phone and what not, nice enough.

3rd Strike - My phone craps out for a few hours one night. I call customer service for them to tell me they can't help unless I call from another phone. I inform them I have no other phone and she recommends I go find a pay phone and then call them back. After 2 hours of nothing but dropped calls my temper is done in. The idea of finding a payphone to fix my cell phone is not appetizing. So she now tells me to call back into the automated system and use that to fix my phone. What does it do? It gives me a 1 minute credit at the highest current market rate. I loose 2 hours of service, pay over $100 per month and they give me a $.40 credit. Whooopie, I'm happy now. I call back to say this isn't acceptable and I would like a real rebate or some othe token to make up for the poor service or else I'll take my business elseware. "That is your option sir, but you will have a penalty for discontinuing service early.", "No my contracts over", "Then there will be no penalty". Hmm, now they are trying to talk me into dropping their service. I Love it!

My girlfriend called because of a similar problem with dropped calls. She recieved the same bogus credit but got a pleasant customer service rep. She then asked why sprint wasen't interested in keeping me as a customer. The Rep tells her that they should be trying to keep me as a customer and using the better plans and phones to resign me. For every lost customer they need to signup 4 new customers.

So I'm not expecting to find any better cell company but atleast try and provide the basics.

Come on Sprint, your a monster, why not try and make a few people happy.
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Old 09-19-2005, 03:58 PM
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I'm having the same problems with Sprint. Seems as the bigger these companies get, the worse the customer service gets. I have been with Sprint over 2 years and after the 2nd year, said "Screw You" to another contract year. I have been month to month almost a year now, so that makes about 3 years of Sprint. I just can't get with any other companies without paying a huge deposit because of my credit, which is being repaired.
Sprint wanted me to sign up for another contract year as they would give me nights starting at 7pm FOR ANOTHER $5 A MONTH! I told them that they should be giving it to me for free as I am a long term customer. They are already giving NEW customers the nightly start time for free. But what if those new customers don't stay? Makes it harder for Sprint to keep them. But why wouldn't a big company offer better incentives for their long term customers? Because they could care less who they have as a customer. Its not right and at this point I will remain a month to month customer until I find another suitable phone company...that is after all these other company buy-outs have stopped. Its being whittled down to a few big companies anymore as AT&T was bought out, same for Cingular and another company which I can't remember.
All in all, its hard to get any decent company without paying major money anymore. And I certainly won't go back to buying minutes for my phone again.
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